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Cultural Highlights

It might be tempting to see a “college town” solely as a community that exists to support the great and dominating machine of the university.   However, it is probably fairer to say that the intellectual energy necessary to nurture a thriving university exists in Bloomsburg, and that the college exists in the town; the town does not exist because of the university.  Certainly, a cultural vitality drives the downtown area and surrounding community.  Even when college students are not filling the sidewalks downtown, local organizations are still hosting poetry readings, political meetings, professional theater productions, gymnastic lessons, art shows and events for the Bloomsburg High School. Of course university students tend to drive the night scene in Bloomsburg.  However, local breweries and eateries feature a variety of fare that can appeal to the young as well as the more sophisticated diner.  Annual events include The Renaissance festival, the Veteran’s day parade, 4th of July fireworks, 5K’s, music in the park, and of course the unparalleled Bloomsburg Fair.  Obviously other cultural and sporting events are available to the community through Bloomsburg University, the Children’s Museum, and the local YMCA.   More information about Bloomsburg events can be found at

Bloomsburg History

Historical Interest

Bloomsburg renovation of 5th Street has created a lovely space for some of the more beautiful and historic homes in the town.  Downtown renovations are considered carefully and several older buildings have been refurbished to more modern uses:  the old cinema now serves as a theme restaurant.   A community which is proud of its history, the town preserves several monuments and architectural features in the downtown area which are popular subjects for photographers.

Bloomsburg Employment


Bloomsburg University presents significant employment opportunities.  In addition, the area can actually include a much larger geographic region, including the Buckhorn shopping area featuring Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and several chain restaurants and a mall.  To the north, there is the Central School District, also including a commercial strip that features grocery stores, manufacturing companies, day care facilities, car dealerships and much more.  Certainly the development in the area can support a variety of self-employed contractors and  commercial developers.  Even tech businesses can find a home in the area. This town also offer a Geisinger hospital.