Berwick Homes for Sale

When the Boston Marathon bombing devastated the city, Boston citizens united under the same catchphrase, “Boston Strong.”  All the fierce loyalty and grit implied in that phrase could apply to Berwick as well.  Proud of its blue-collar roots, Berwick is a community where football is king, and wrestling is a close second.  This is a town where kids like Rudy Ruettiger (See Rudy, Tri-Star Pictures, 1993) are born and raised.  The historic Berwick Bulldogs (“Dawgs”) high school stadium is nestled in the center of town, surrounded by downtown housing and commercial properties, providing a charged atmosphere for those Friday night contests.

Today the Berwick Historical Society maintains a museum and the Jackson Mansion, and hosts a variety of events to celebrate its past.  It is located near the renovated Berwick Public Library, which also hosts and supports community events.  The community continues to hold other annual events as well:  two firemen’s carnivals in the summer, a World War II weekend in July, and the nine mile Run for the Diamonds each Thanksgiving.  The Boulevard of Lights continues to enthrall young and old alike each Christmas season, and Riverfest is held each October featuring local crafters and vendors at the beautiful Test Track park along the river in South East Berwick (Check out their Facebook Page:  Berwick Riverfest).  This newer park includes riverfront trails, fishing, boating, and soccer fields.  Other athletic facilities are slated to be developed in this area as well.  Renovations of several commercial buildings around Route 11 as it enters town provide evidence of the community’s commitment to updating its architecture.

Dining and Entertainment

The downtown area features everything from a Subway, to sports bars, to the new Berwick Brewing bistro with specialty pizzas.  The western part of town features newly renovated million-dollar baseball stadium, and downtown the Berwick Theater and Center for Community arts offers movies in a beautifully renovated building.  The greater Berwick area also features three golf courses, and still more dining options with outdoor seating and live music.


Because Berwick is conveniently located on Route 11, and in close proximity to Routes 80 and 81, residents can work in a variety of surrounding areas including Wilkes-Barre and Scranton with relative ease.  In addition to the local manufacturing opportunities, Berwick hospital continues to serve the community and offer employment, and the local school district does as well.   While the majority of residents are employed in the manufacturing sector, a close second work in the construction, real estate, finance, or insurance sectors (